Key West Fishing Report 2/27/17

Key West Charter Fishing Report 2/22/17
February 22, 2017
Key West Fishing Report- 3/10/17
March 14, 2017

I had a bachlor party book a few months in advance for a Sword fish trip on Feb 25th. I told them in advance you never know what the weather will do and its very unpredictable. But these guys has some serious luck coming there way. The weather turned out to great with no wind and a warm winter day. With my experience it seems like I do well with really flat calm days on big Swordfish and I told them that on the way out. We came across a couple nice floaters on the way out and caught a few Mahi which is always a bonus. We set up our first drift at about 9:00 AM and we didn’t have any bites. Conditions were good with a steady east current which runs  along the shelf. About 15 minutes into the second drift we had a bite. The fish was acting like a shark though. About 15 minutes later we saw color and were all disappointed it was a shark. I decided to move about 4 miles down to a different area which i’ve caught a lot of Swordfish. On the first drop the bait barley made it to the bottom before there was a violent bounce on the rod. I knew then it was the right one, I waited a minute before I did anything and the line went slack. I told the angler to start reeling and we came tight. I thought it might have been bottom for a minute because there was so much weight on the end of the rod. But we finally started gaining on the fish. In about 10 minutes we had the Swordfish boat side with another free swimming fish on her side. One of the customers took his first harpoon shot and missed the fish. She ran back down to the bottom in 900 ft now that we drifted on top of the shelf. We were using a Shimano Tiagra 80 wide reel with a Hooker Electric Motor. We slowly worked the fish back up to the surface and in a total of only 40 minutes from start to finish I put the harpoon in the fish. It took everything we had to lift the fish in the boat. The other fish was still circling the boat but after multiple attempts to catch it on a squid the fish swam away. Here are some pics of our 390 Pound Swordfish! Enjoy!

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