Another successful blue water spearfishing trip in Key West!

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Spearfishing Key West With The Best In The Business
December 14, 2016
Fishing with Far Out Fishing
Key West fishing report for 12/20/16
December 21, 2016

So on day one with GR Tarr and his group we landed 9 Wahoo up to 60 pounds. We were seeing huge schools of fish with schools as big as 50 fish. Everything just worked out and all the stars aligned. We had perfect weather and good water quality. Being a full moon also helps a lot when it comes to Wahoo. They had 2 days booked with me and after day one it was going to be tough to compare to a day like that! 2 divers landed there first Wahoo on day one as well and were super excited. Anyway on day 2 we did get on the meat again and finished the day with 9 Wahoo and a big Kingfish! What an amazing 2 days of spearfishing. We will never forget the December full moon of 2016!




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